Morton College to Distribute 500 Apple Devices to Students, Staff and Faculty

Devices to be provided to all full-time new students

Under Morton College’s new Panther Digital Initiative (PDI), Illinois’ second oldest community college will distribute more than 500 Apple products to students, faculty and select staff members during the Fall 2023 semester.

Morton College also will be the first Hispanic Serving Institution community college in Illinois to facilitate a campus-wide deployment of Apple products. Depending on their program of study, all first-year, full-time, degree-seeking students starting at Morton College in the Fall of 2023 will be issued a MacBook Air or iPad.

Students will be able to keep the devices throughout their enrollment at Morton College. Upon graduation, students will be given the option of purchasing the devices.

“Our PDI program is a special initiative designed to give Morton College students constant and seamless access to cutting-edge technology,” said Dr. Keith McLaughlin, Morton College Provost and Executive Vice President. “PDI aims to improve equitable access to technology and tools that improve the student experience in and outside of the classroom.”

Students, faculty and staff will also receive support and training on how to incorporate technology into their courses.

“Apple products are built to last, have a durable design, are preferred by today’s students and retain their value much better than comparable products, providing a higher return on investment,” noted Ruben Ruiz, Morton College’s Chief Information Officer.

“Issuing our students high-quality and high-value Apple products demonstrates the institution’s commitment to student success, enrollment and retention efforts,” added Dr. Marisol Velazquez, Morton College’s Associate Provost & Vice President of Student Services.  To register for the fall semester and more information, contact One Stop Center at (708) 656-8000, Ext. 2484.

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